The Top 10 Relationship Trends Of 2010


5 year old marries 3 year old in syria
Between sex robots, vajazzling and inappropriate love affairs, love in 2010 was larger than life.

Once upon a time, people used to meet a cute singleton, fall in and out of love, have a string of failed relationships, stumble upon The One and live happily ever after. Or else they grew closer and closer to a close friend of the opposite sex, eventually declared their love for each other and lived happily ever after. Or they went on a string of bad online dates only to discover that their soulmate was working in the next cubicle, and they lived happily ever after. Or perhaps this is just the impression we've received from watching movies like High Fidelity, When Harry Met Sally and Kissing Jessica Stein.

Despite our somewhat-idealized beliefs about love and romance, there's no question about this: love changed in 2010. It got bigger. It became more dramatic. It went viral. Here, we've rounded up the top 10 relationship trends of 2010.

1. Men fell in love with strong women. No, by "strong," we don't mean independent, assertive or successful. Obviously, men are still completely terrified of those women. Rather, according to a study conducted in Australia, we learned that the body part men really notice is the bicep. Yup. Men love long, shapely arms. Which only makes us resent our frumpy sweater collection even more. (Is winter over yet?)

2. Affairs got freakier. There was a time when the most horrifying couplings appearing in the news headlines were between teachers and their students but, this year, we saw a grandmother hook up with her grandson (and have a kid with him), a 3-year-old get engaged to a 5-year-old (pictured), a woman marry the man who'd fired her, and an Indonesian dude marry a cow. We oftentimes wonder if we've somehow slipped into the twilight zone. 6 Inappropriate Relationships That Intrigue Us