The Top 10 Relationship Trends Of 2010


5 year old marries 3 year old in syria
Between sex robots, vajazzling and inappropriate love affairs, love in 2010 was larger than life.

5. We were told to date the opposite of our type. Why did it take us so long to realize that abandoning our romantic wish lists—and refusing to base our romantic decisions on that visceral feeling in our nether regions—was the answer to everlasting love? Einstein knew it all along when he wrote that insanity was "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Which makes complete sense. Because when we stopped dating older men with tongue piercings and bleached hair whom we'd met at a dance club the other night, everything totally fell into place!

6. Relationships with pillows, robots and other inanimate objects were on the rise. While sexy time with sex dolls has existed for quite some time, more and more people have been taking these "relationships" to the next level as of late, and completely eschewing real human intimacy. On the heels of a late 2009 story, in which a man married a video game character, the Roxxxy Sex Robot was born, a man married his pillow and—in Japan—they even developed a robot baby. Most recently, a woman announced that she was marrying herself. Apparently, you don't need two to tango.

7. Weddings replaced the circus. The tasteful, intimate affair is so early '00s. What with the traveling circus falling out of public favor, fame-seeking newlyweds everywhere stepped it up to fill the void. Choreographed dance numbers at weddings, which were then "leaked" to YouTube, became commonplace.  This trend became so pervasive that it was even skewered in an episode of The Office. And getting down on the dance floor ain't the half of it. In addition to dance numbers, we also saw a rise in ridiculously themed weddings, elaborate marriage proposals and—in the case of Katy Perry and Russell Brand—tigers. The 7 Most Outrageous Wedding Stunts

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