The Top 10 Relationship Trends Of 2010


5 year old marries 3 year old in syria
Between sex robots, vajazzling and inappropriate love affairs, love in 2010 was larger than life.

3. Dating sites went even more niche. We've grown accustomed to niche dating sites: there are those for smart people, eco-friendly people, book nerds, farmers and more. In 2010, dating sites became especially exclusive... and just a little bit insulting. While we were initially chagrined to see dating sites for beautiful people, in August 2010, we learned that there was also a dating site for ugly people. Knee-jerk reactions aside, we're not even sure how one would market to such a demographic. Can a company succeed when its entire premise revolves around insulting its target client? Are Ugly And Beautiful Dating Sites A Good Idea?

4. Women became more beautiful. In a crazy sort of way. They began using edible beauty products. Drinking caffeine developed to improve their skin. And getting butt lifts (which, in one case, proved to be fatal). Anything to attract the perfect guy. Not that extreme beauty treatments are anything new. But it went beyond that. This year, it wasn't only about instantly-noticeable beauty improvements. We also went below the belt and tried out—among many other things—vajazzling. 5 Crazy Things Women Do To The Hair Down There

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