Suprising Financial Lessons From A Cruise


Suprising Financial Lessons From A Cruise

you ever tell yourself, “Some day I will…” ?



going 16 straight months in my new entrepreneurial life without taking a single
day off, I slammed head first into a mental wall.


So I
sought help from business strategist
Alexis Martin Neely. I figured we’d dive
right into my business model, but one of the first things Alexis asked was what
I did for fun. Silence. Terrified that if I slowed down for a nano-second
in this economy I would plunge into the deep dark abyss of permanent career mal-function,
the only word that I could manage to utter was a feeble… “Work?”


So Alexis
asked me what long-term dream I’d fulfill after all this work was done and I’d
finally “arrived.” No hesitation. “Take
a luxury cruise
,” I immediately blurted out. That was something I’d
fantasized about for over 15 years but never felt I could afford to take the
time off to actually do. With the encouragement of my wonderful husband
and Alexis, I finally went on a Caribbean cruise.


On the
enjoyment scale I’d give the cruise a 5, but on the life lesson scale it was an
absolute 10. Here’s what I learned and how it can help YOU spend your hard earned money
& time more mindfully


Experiences give you the ultimate
bang for the buck
. The average age of my fellow
travelers was roughly 75 (by comparison, I’m 40 years old). Many had climbed to
the top of their respective industries. When I chatted with them about the
most memorable moments during their working years – time and again they spoke
of simple experiences:  a good meal, a memorable outing, a daily ritual
that brought them joy. Not one mentioned the acquisition of THINGS.

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