Want Boyfriend to Talk Dirty to You?

Want Boyfriend to Talk Dirty to You?

You want your boyfriend to talk dirty to you and you just want to hear it for the first time? What happen if your boyfriend is not comfortable about this kind of dirty talk and thinks it is silly and cheesy? So, don’t you think you make him feel like a pervert in meeting you in the middle and talking dirty? Maybe to a guy he just find it hard to talk dirty to the woman he loves.

Some ladies want their boyfriend to talk dirty or whisper some sweet nothing to them to spice things a little. Some are a little 'dominant' and would initiate the situation and wish her guy or partner is the more adventurous one in bed. How do you go about stirring up his sexuality in him? Play hard to get? That might not help at all. Women should not expect a guy to read what's inside your mind. Tell him "talk dirty to me" and see what happen.

I have a girlfriend who is in a wonderful and loving relationship with a great guy. They are both so much in love and attracted to each other and it all seems to be perfect on the surface.  She is young and funny, somewhat adventurous and wants her boyfriend to talk dirty to her from little things she likes to hear from him such as “I feel good when you do this on me” and “Do this on me, do that hard on me” etc. She is the type who likes to send naughty little text messages to him but he never seems to respond. She just wants him to open up to her.

You are so desperately in love with your boyfriend, you feel that you are getting frustrated and tied up in this area because you want to hear your boyfriend talk dirty to you? Tell your boyfriend your fantasies and what are the words that comes from him will make you feel good and he should understand.  You know many guys are just bad at picking up hints so you need to express your feelings more direct to him.

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