Why We Don't Visit Family During The Holidays


couple cooking the thanksgiving turkey
How staying in on Thanksgiving brought our family closer.

A quiet, at-home Thanksgiving has continued to be our tradition for the past 16 years. An afternoon walk in the woods while the turkey cooks builds our appetite and gives us time to enjoy the silence together, or to chat comfortably. We hang around the house in sweats and watch the parade and the dog show together, with the kids coming in and out. I'm in charge of the food, and my husband handles the carving. Now that our kids are older, we use good china to make it even more special. 5 Innovative Ways To Bond As A Family

Thanksgiving has become the kick-off to a couple's weekend for us. The rest of the weekend, we put all the Christmas decorations up (always a challenge to marital harmony). The kids are in and out, heading out with friends and helping occasionally. It's the one weekend a year when we focus just on us, and on our immediate nuclear family. I always feel so close to my husband by the end of the weekend.


Although surviving the stress of putting up the decorations is one explanation for our renewed bond, I think it has more to do with the fact that we've claimed a holiday as our own.

How do you handle holiday stress? Take our holiday survey and let us know how you cope.

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