Annoying Couple Habits Reveal A Shaky Relationship


couple being cute
A new book says annoying couple habits like pet names and PDAs indicate relationship problems.

4. Constantly matchmaking your single friends. While it's great to help people find love, becoming a serial matchmaker not only comes across as condescending, but it may suggest that you're trying to live vicariously through someone else's dating life.

5. Unabashed P.D.A. Puhn says that excessive P.D.A. may be overcompensating for areas in your relationship that are lacking. Sexual chemistry is essential, but only verbal communication and an emotional connection will deepen your relationship beyond the point where you publically surrender to lust. 7 Commandments For Showing Love In Public

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  • No censors needed! Out of 100,000 people surveyed, 90% of the happiest individuals have never cursed at their partners.