The Secret To Fertility After 40


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Freezing ovaries allows women to prolong their fertility after 40.

While many fertility experts remain skeptical of Silber's procedure, claiming it hasn't been tested enough, the St. Louis doctor believes it's perfectly safe and extremely effective. He has frozen ovaries or portions of ovaries from 12 women in the last 14 years. Of those 12, all have resumed normal ovulation and menstruation, and 10 have had healthy babies. One experienced a miscarriage, and the other has yet to get pregnant. "We feel that's a very robust survey," Silber says.

There have been 24 babies born worldwide as a result of ovary or ovarian tissue implants.


Silber says the procedure has another advantage beyond that of preserving female fertility into middle age. It also substantially decreases the risks of an older mom bearing a child with Down syndrome. He points out that if a woman has an ovary removed when she is 20 and then re-implanted when she's 40, she's working with 20-year-old eggs, as opposed to 40-year-old ones.

The procedure, according to Silber, is perfectly safe and involves outpatient surgery for both the removal of the ovary or ovary tissue and for its re-implantation at a later date. He says it has no risks beyond the normal risks associated with surgery and anesthesia.

Silber says women interested in ovary freezing should have their ovarian tissue removed by age 30 for best results.

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Written by Deborah Huso for AOL Health

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