How do you tell your man you aren't satisfied?


“Honey, I have always had a difficult time reaching orgasm, do you think we can try some different positions or possibly try some toys.  I was readingTajahi’s blog and she made some suggestions that could help me reach orgasm”


Again, doing it this way makes it your fault, it’s totally about the fact that YOU can’t reach orgasm and NOT that he is doing anything wrong.  This way you leave his ego intact and now you are experimenting with new ways to help you reach that wonderful “O”

I am a greedy woman when it comes to my orgasms; I love to have them and try to have as many as possible in single session.  So if my man wants to try something new I am totally up for it and he listens to me when I say, “Hey… that didn’t work or… Damn, that Shit was the bomb.”

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