How do you tell your man you aren't satisfied?


If this doesn’t work, then you may need to sit down and talk to him about your concerns.  Wait until you are not in the bedroom, possibly the middle of the day and say “Hey Honey can we talk?”  Make the issue totally about you so he doesn’t feel at fault, being sure to let him know what it is you need or what the problem is.  See my conversation cues below.


How to address a man who cums too quick:

“I need to talk to you about our intimacy.  It has always taken me a long time to reach orgasm, what do you think about looking into ways to extend our lovemaking so I can reach orgasm.”

Make it seem like it is your fault…  I know sounds crazy but… this way you are not hurting his ego while at the same time letting him know you are not satisfied.

How to address a man who just can’t hit your spot:

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