How do you tell your man you aren't satisfied?


What did the men say? I spoke with 5 different men and all of them told me that they wanted the direct approach; meaning, let them know they aren’t satisfying you and what they need to do to get you there.  When I asked about introducing toys into the bedroom, only one man (who was not in a serious relationship) said, “No way”.   Remember that men are MEN and they take pride in their ability to please a woman, therefore it is up to us to let them know what we need to make our experiences more pleasurable.


Once I felt comfortable with my man I told him about the difficulties I have in reaching an orgasm.  This is no fault of his but there are things we both need to do so I can cum.  Satisfaction is a big part of my sexual experience and with out being satisfied I don’t see how any relationship could last without infidelity.  Tell your man what you need!  If you want to try new positions, tell him you read my blog and I said positions X, Y,& Z were really good.  I do not mind being your excuse for trying something new and pleasurable.

During intimacy if he does something that feels really good make sure you let him know with your sounds, grab his head, arms, butt, kiss him deeply, say “Damn”… do anything that says, “Yes, right there baby…” Now on the other end of the spectrum, if he is doing something that isn’t pleasing, just be quiet… don’t make a sound and try to guide him into a position that is more pleasing for you.  When you are done tell him what you liked about your intimacy, what really felt good and he will remember your cues for the next encounter.

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