How do you tell your man you aren't satisfied?


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Position of the day Playbook

Very early in the relationship I let my man know I liked watching porn, fortunately he did too and I suggested we watch get a few movies together.  In my room I have books on display such as the Kama Sutra, Tantric Secrets, Zane novels, Daily Sex,Position of the Day Playbook and many more.  I have a statue replica of a sex position from the Khajuraho Temple in India, Honey Dust, feathers for foreplay and containers to conceal my Ben Wa Balls. Having these type of items in my room sets the tone for what I like.  If you don’t currently have some type of erotic books or toys in your possession start purchasing some.  I suggest you start with a book; leave it on the nightstand where he can see it.  Again, tell him Tajahi told you that this was a good book for sexual positions and you wanted to read it.  I guarantee you he will want to look at it with you and now you can begin discussing and experimenting with different positions that may be pleasurable for both of you.

While you are out running errands together or after a date, ask him to stop by the adult toy store.  You can tell him you want to buy some lingerie to wear for him when you get home.  While you are there, draw his attention to the toys.  Walk around, look at them and see what his reaction is.  Start out by buying something simple like pleasure gels, edible body paints, or some handcuffs.  Every month go back to the store and try to graduate to a new toy that is a little more erotic.  Going to the store with your man will spark conversation and it will give you a feel for what he is open to.  Do not be scared to tell him what you would like to try… all he can do is say NO.  You might find your man going to the store by himself and surprising you with new toys before long.

Side Note:

If your man is not open to pleasing you, you may want to take a step back and check your relationship.  I strongly believe that if your man really likes you, he will be open to discussing your intimacy issues and be willing to make the needed changes ensure your satisfaction.  However, remember it is a two way street, you need to be open to him saying he needs changes from you as well.

In the meantime, Have Great Sex…. I will see you again next week with more of Tajahi’s Secrets.  Smooches!!!

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