How do you tell your man you aren't satisfied?


Every week I talk to my girls, getting a feel for what their issues are and what I need to talk about in my blog.  If you remember last week I mentioned that I would discuss some of the issues I had pointed out that women are having with their men.  Therefore, this week I not only talked to my girls, I talked to the men too.  I wanted to hear from them this time and get their take on how they would like to be approached when they are not pleasing their women in the bedroom.  Ladies I am telling you NOW… it is time for you to be heard.


I have been there, scared to say anything because I didn’t think it was appropriate or scared that if I said something, it might hurt my mans ego… but that was a long time ago.  Once I discovered how to have an orgasm during sex, I loved it and I spoke up anytime I felt like my man wasn’t doing enough to please me.  I spoke up anytime he didn’t last long enough, wasn’t hard enough, wasn’t placing it in the right place… I said something!  I know there will always be those times when there is an exception, he might be tired, it felt too good and he couldn’t hold it, or he was too excited, but when it happens too many times in a row, I SPEAK UP.  Men will always get theirs so it is up to us to let them know that we are not getting ours.  We women are difficult creatures and what might please one woman may not please another.  Men listen to our cues, how we sound, how we react, and if we don’t tell them we are not satisfied, that we aren’t reaching orgasm, how will they know.

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