5 Things to Do for Your Love on Their Birthday


3. Go on a romantic getaway. Surprise your significant other with hotel reservations for the weekend. If you both have been busy and it has been difficult to see each other, this is the best way to explore a new city together and to rekindle your love. Chances are there will be great shopping and delicious restaurants to try out on your weekend together. This is a great way to create new memories together and to have an unforgettable birthday.

4. Burn them a CD of your favorite songs you listen to together. If you want to keep things simple this year, compile a collection of songs that you love to listen to together. Create a play list and burn a CD that can accompany your significant other in the car wherever they go. This will remind them of you and all of the fun you two have together. You can even decorate an album sleeve and type up a list of the songs to be placed in a CD case. You can even record a special birthday number that can be placed at the end of the CD. If you’re not up for singing, just give a complementary speech and a few “I love you’s.”


5. Take them on a picnic. Gather together some delicious fruits, cheeses, and salami along for a beautiful hike in the woods. You could also bring a nice bottle of wine to compliment your picnic. Spend the day relaxing and admiring nature as you enjoy a wonderful birthday together. If you live near the ocean, plan your picnic to be just before sunset. This will create a lovely backdrop for a birthday celebration.

Darcy Johansan writes for Print with My Pic where you can find printable birthday cards free along with calendars, greeting cards and a large assortment of other items.


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