A-List Links: Kim Kardashian Is Not A Tramp, OK?


Broken Heart
Plus, Rihanna might hate Russell Brand and a former Bachelorette contestant dies.

-Although tabloids seems to feed off of love triangles, one hookup that's definitely not going down is between newly single David Arquette and perennially single Jennifer Aniston, the best friend of his estranged wife Courteney Cox. Although David shot down the idea of dating Aniston as "not right, not good," there's a certain part of us that would love to cast Jennifer in the role of the husband-stealer, instead of the supportive best friend. Although, if she were to start dating a married man, we'd have to warn Jen not to go pose for the cover of Shape Magazine, like a certain country singer did. (Cough, cough, LeAnn Rimes!) Shape's readers evidently don't want to read about any man-stealing, in between the pages of diet tips and work-out routines! [LimeLife]

-It seems like country singer Randy Davis is going to have some fresh material to work with for his next ballad. The crooner and his wife of 19 years, Elizabeth Davis, officially ended their marriage this week. Despite their divorce, however, Elizabeth will reportedly stay on as Randy's business manager. We guess she feels an invested interest in Randy's work, after leaving her first husband for him and moving to Nashville in the late 1980s to kick-start his music career. [LA Times]

-Does Rihanna still hate Russell Brand? That's the rumor floating around after the singer missed her best friend Katy Perry's wedding last month. Although Rihanna issued a very pulic mea culpa for not attending the ceremony and said that she would "never forgive herself," according to LimeLife, she and Brand didn't exactly hit it off when they first met. Supposedly, Brand interviewed her in a very crude and stupid manner, and RiRi was not pleased. [LimeLife, HollywoodLife]