Attracting Girl’s by Using Astrology


 Attracting Girl’s by Using Astrology

 •    Use the excuse of finding out her sign to initiate conversation. If you are on a dating site, like, then this information will already be available to you.
 •    Acknowledge her sign but do not tell her you know all about it, instead throw out one characteristic and ask her to tell you more
 •    Flatter her sign and her by telling her you have met girls with her sign before but none as gorgeous as her
 •    Appeal to the characteristics of her sign.  Example; if her sign loves a romantic hero relate a story that shows off this quality in you
 •    Indian dating do's and don'ts may ask you to include your horoscope sign, but if the dating site does not, go ahead and include it on your profile anyways. This will provide an icebreaker to meeting women online, and it will give her something to talk to you about if she wants to show interest after reading your profile.  
 Men are usually initially attracted to a woman’s physical appearance but women are usually attracted to how a man makes them feel.  By knowing her sign you have access to basic information about her that she may not even be aware of.
 You have top secret clearance to sweep her off her feet.  Of course it may be that you only want to dazzle her for tonight but you never know.
 Even if you think that horoscopes and signs are ridiculous now, just try it and see for yourself how women respond to a man who seems to know them so well.  Women expect men to try to impress them by talking about themselves.
 Imagine how surprised she will be when she realizes that you have immediately noticed her best characteristics and made a point of telling her about them.  In fact, since she feels so comfortable with you she may just tell you a lot more than you bargained for. Remember to take mental notes about the things she tells you because you may be able to capitalize on those things later.



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