8 Ways FedEx Can Improve Your Love Life


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Who knew FedEx could improve your love life?

6. Organize your shared life. The concept of organized clutter is rarely compatible with peace and quiet in a shared space. When you live together, arguments can spring from issues as simple as a missing file or a mislabeled box of old documents. Making the process of organizing more fun by designing and ordering your own multi-purpose labels

7. Make a calendar for you relationship.  If you're a little absentminded, use your favorite couple photos to create a desk or wall calendar pre-marked with anniversaries and dates that are important to your relationship. (Brownie points if you include his mother's birthday.) 


8. Personalize a set of return address labels. Buying a new place together? Celebrate this relationship milestone by investing in a set of return address labels printed with both of your names. Move In Together, Fight-Free

Full disclosure: FedEx didn't pay us to write this post. (Though we kind of wish they had! ;)

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