Bouncing Back in Style - At Home


Vintage/Thrift Stores: If price is no object for
you, check out a site like for amazing vintage pieces in mint
condition. However, if you're looking for something that doesn't break
the bank, you can go to for inspiration only, but then hit a
vintage or thrift store to find something similar. In may cases, your
purchases will go to charity as an added bonus. Housing Works ( is
an example of a thrift store with amazing furniture finds that supports a
great cause. Don't forget - you can always give a "bruised" piece a
refresher by painting it a bright, fun color and making it an accent

If you don't really need to update your living space, try out an
accessory from MXYPLYZYK. This site offers tons of options for everyone.
There's a slipper genie which combines a slipper and duster in one or a
fishbowl that hangs on the wall, gold fish not included. If you want to
try something fun and exciting with accent pieces that can spice up a
room, this will be a great site for you.


Your Local Flea Market: The biggest "sleeper"
shopping destination out there is the local flea market. Most cities
have a recurring monthly or even weekly flea market with endless aisles
of vendors, each offering something unique and different. No matter what
your style - vintage, mod, art deco, or mid-century - antiques markets
and flea markets are guaranteed to have something that's just the right
thing to refresh your living space and pick you up after a breakup.

Happy shopping!

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