Bouncing Back in Style - At Home


You'd be hard-pressed to find anywhere else where you can
get as much bang for your buck as IKEA. The store has limitless options,
selling everything from mattresses to meatballs. If you're looking to
update your abode to rid the feeling of a former ex, this just may be
the place to do so. It's worth the trip to go if there's an IKEA near
you. The large factory-like layout makes for a fun (albeit long) day of
shopping. But remember, almost all furniture from IKEA comes dismantled
and has to be assembled by hand, so you'll have your work cut out for
you - unless you use this as an excuse to invite that new
handy-with-tools guy over to help.

: Looking for something a little more
upscale, but still at a reasonable price? Try Pottery Barn. It has tons
of conversation starter pieces, from the Edison lamp to organic
bedding. When you bring your next boyfriend/girlfriend over you'll have
him/her asking "Where'd you get that from? It must have cost a fortune."
But you'll know the secret - you'll be able to get a very chic look
without having to spend a lot. If your budget is a bit bigger, and you
like a little more modern style than Pottery Barn, check out The Conran Shop -
while most pieces are pricey, they're certainly unique and sometimes you
can find a good sale online.


Art Galleries: A fantastic way to give a room in
your home a facelift is to add a piece of original art. Art adds color
and life to a space, and if you;re lucky enough to find a piece that
emotionally moves you, it can lift your spirits each time you pass by
it. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to find original artwork
at a decent price, especially if you look locally for up-and-coming
artists. Check out your local paper for upcoming shows in your area, or
ask around at the galleries in your neighborhood for news on artists who
may have some great deals.

Sur La Table: Don't
forget about the kitchen! Sur La Table has beautiful kitchen supplies,
decor, and food products that truly can help "spice" up the cooking
center of your home. Cooking is a great way to reinvent yourself after a
breakup - if you already know how to cook, trying a new cuisine can
open new avenues for you. If you're brand new to cooking, shopping for
the essentials is a great way to get started!

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