Eat Your Way to a Satisfying Sex Life

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Eat Your Way to a Satisfying Sex Life


What image does chocolate conjure in your mind? Probably something dark, sinful, and delicious. Chocolate contains phenylethamine and serotinin, two compounds which stimulate the pleasure centers of the brain.  Make a better-than-sex chocolate cake to round out any romantic meal.



I know. I didn’t see this one coming, either, but research at the Berlin University suggests garlic is an aphrodisiac. It increases circulation, and with better blood flow around the groin area, that improves a man’s performance. If you’re adverse to the pungent smell of garlic, try taking garlic supplements instead.

Other ways to have a satisfying sex life:

  • Feel good about yourself. Low self-esteem lowers your libido.
  • Exercise. It improves circulation and increases your energy, both of which can have a positive effect on your sex life.


What edible aphrodisiacs or ways to have a better sex life do you recommend?

Delaney Diamond writes sweet and sensual romance novels. Her novel, The Arrangement, will be available November 12, 2010 from Amira Press.


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