How To Avoid An Abusive Relationship


Man with fist raised to hit woman
Are you dating a potential abuser?

You're Wearing THAT?!?: My mom screamed at me over my day-glo hair, but my boyfriend loathed my short skirts and fishnets (I was punk rawk!). His motto was "the baggier the better." And if I dared defy him, well, I still don't like to talk abut that. So if your man constantly critiques your everyday outfits as "too slutty," it's something you might want to worry about.

Control Freak: We've already discussed that the Potential Abuser wants to dress you, eliminate friends and family from your life—all in the name of "love." So it probably seems repetitive to call him controlling, but believe me, it gets worse. My ex would call my after-school job and if I didn't answer (which happened often), he would hang up on my boss and then call again a little while later, screaming accusations about my imaginary infidelities. When in reality, I'd just been waiting on customers. The Frisky: Man Waterboards Girlfriend For Allegedly Cheating


Blame Game: Nothing is ever this dude's fault. He lost his job because his boss is a jerk, he dropped out of school because the teachers had it in for him, and he gave you a black eye because you just wouldn't shut up. OK, that last one probably won't come up for a while, but if you're dating someone who's always playing the victim, there's a good chance he'll one day become quite the opposite.

Now obviously there are jealous guys who'd never raise a hand to a woman and whiny victim types who'd sooner put their own eye out than hurt you. But if you're dating someone who has one or more of these flaws, you might want to do a little digging. Because the number one predictor of future behavior is past behavior. If he's ever hit a woman before, chances are he'll do it again. The Frisky: Husbands Can Hit Wives As Long As They Don't Leave A Mark, UAE Court Rules

Written by Judy McGuire for The Frisky.

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