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I hate, I hate..........................


Thing happened last year...........

I married to a divorcee in 2007.   All the while my husband told me that he never see his wife anymore but then because of the kids, sometime they need to discuss something. Right at the beginning I trusted him so much until one day..................

For the past years, I have never check on him either his mobile call, sms..............All the while his ex wife love to call him(miss call so as to save her mobile charges) so that my husband will call her back. She love making nuisance call even to my mobile. I have a record of not less than 30 times a day. I have been suffering all these nonsense for the past years and last year i decided to react. I report to the police and from there, so stop but not long she keep calling again. This time, I dont give a hack and scolded her back. My husband ex wife love calling my husband office and talk to his secretary. Anyway his secretary is such a busy body to gossip along with her.

I broke down into tears when one day my husband secretary told me that all those miss calls that my husband ex wife call was instructed by my husband to shows that he never see his ex wife anymore but behind me they are having an affair. I question my husband and of course he denied everything.

After that, I am very sensitive in everything about my husband. I get an PI to check on him. Evidence shows that he really enter his ex wife house a few time and in a sat from 3.15pm and left at 5.45pm. I question him and he give me an answer is "my ex wife called me to move some furniture from one room to another room, and thats why i go over and sometime she ask me to go over to have lunch or dinner with her. Thats simple and we do nothing". Do you guys think that i believe my husband.

He is doing all these behind me. If everything is so simple, why didnt he told me before he visit his wife. His answer to me is "You are so petty and if i tell you , you will get angry". I gave him another chance provide he got to tell him if he go over to his ex wife house. He promised................but he never keep his words.........I found out again...........

I was thinking to have a divorce but in my heart I still love him.............what should i do..........I though since he divorce his wife, that shows that he dont love her anymore but why he keep going over.............


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