My Mother-In-Law Made Me A Better Wife


two women cooking
Apple pies and casseroles are the universal sign of love.

When my husband's grandmother taught me how to make lefse, a traditional Norwegian flat bread, despite her cranking over my slow rolling and inability to stop spanking people with the lefse stick (it's a long stick what else am I supposed to do with it?), I knew that I was showing her how much I loved her, her family and her wonderful grandson. In turn, by teaching me she was ushering me into the family.

For my husband's family, food is the currency of love. And by learning to trade in it, I've learned to understand and accept their kindness and generosity and show them how much I care for them in return. I've also learned to understand my husband better too. I've learned to literally feed a part of him that speaks a language of love through hot meals and warm cookies. Taking a lesson from his mom's play book, I do my best to make my husband his lunch every morning, because I know for him, that sandwich is better than an "I love you."

I love my in-laws and they have taught me so much about love, patience, generosity, fishing lures, and how to make the best cheesy chicken enchilada's around. But most of all, they've taught me to understand my husband and to be a better wife.

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