When You Divorce, You Divorce More Than Your Spous


When You Divorce, You Divorce More Than Your Spous

A divorce sends shock waves that can affect nearly every member of the family, especially if they have developed a strong rapport with you. Father-in-laws can embrace a son-in-law like the son they never had, and despite the nightmares that ensue like we see in “Everybody Loves Raymond,” women can have lasting relationships with their mothers-in-law. We know that a divorce always affects the children of the parents who are divorcing, but we sometimes forget that family goes beyond the immediate definition, and many people can be affected and presented with a tough situation moving forward, on both sides.  

So what do you think, BounceBack community? Should you keep your friendships with your in-laws going after a divorce, even though it could cause family strife? We want to know your thoughts.


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