Did Bret Michaels Break Up Miley Cyrus' Parents?


Tish Cyrus Bret Michaels
Don't tell Billy Ray's achy, breaky heart, but Tish Cyrus reportedly cheated on him with Bret!

On top of all of her parents' drama, Miley, who's just a few weeks shy of turning 18, is reportedly dealing with her own romantic troubles at the moment as well. Although she was said to have reunited with on-again, off-again boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, after finding out that her parents were getting divorced, Liam was spotted hanging out with a blonde model at a club recently, leaving some to speculate that poor Miley has been left to cope with the break up of her family all on her own, without even her mother to comfort her.

"This whole situation has hurt Miley’s relationship with her mother - she’s definitely going to side with her father," added the insider to the magazine.


We just hope that Miley doesn't go all LiLo-on us and start to party hard, in an attempt to distract herself away from her family's now public drama. We don't want to have another rehab-bound starlet on our hands! 

Photo Credit: INF

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