We Can't Agree on a Baby Name


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How to keep baby name disagreements from taking the joy out of getting ready for baby.

Luckily, I'm not due until April 1 (yes, really), so we have ample time to resolve this like the mature adults that we are. And while on one hand April seems lifetimes away, with '80s movies on the brain, I'm having nightmares that we'll be calling our little girl Baby well into her teens while she yells cheesy lines like "Nobody puts Baby in a corner!" We're still both pretty amused by the stand-off, and fighting over the name has yet to reach gloves-off proportions. I'm just feeling like the shelf life on this peace will be shorter than Jennifer Grey's career. Parenting Conflict? Make Sure Your Kid Wins

The way I see it, we have two choices.


My husband and I can each launch a campaign aimed at convincing the other that the name we're pitching is The One. I feel pretty certain that I can wear my husband down, but I'm not sure that this is how I want to win this battle. I love how naturally we named our son together, and I want us to feel just as convinced that we've chosen the perfect name for our daughter.

The other option is to delve back into the baby name websites and hope for the best, although those sites overwhelm me. If you scroll through the lists for too long, all names begin to sound odd and foreign, like if you repeated your own name 100 times in your head. ("Jane? What the hell kind of a name is Jane?")

I can also choose to be annoyed at my husband's inability to recognize The Perfect Name when it’s right in front of him, or I can be grateful that he cares as much about the details of raising our children as I do. This, luckily, is a no-brainer, which—when I look at it from that perspective—makes the approach to solving the baby name dilemma obvious.

We're going back to the drawing board.

While I'm not totally ready to give up on my name yet, I think that in the spirit of marital harmony I'm going back to the baby name websites to try to find a name that we both agree is perfect. After all, naming a child with your life partner is supposed to be fun, and I don't want to take the joy out of something that's supposed to be exciting. But we're gonna have to get through this soon. I have some Pink monogramming to do.

According to this article in the Daily Mail, the mom always gets the final word when it comes to baby naming. What have been your own experiences with naming baby?

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