Dating profiles that “prefer not to say”.


In fairness, I think that if you have to come clean about something as irrelevant as age (if you’re too young or too old, it’ll show in your photos or as soon as you meet), then you should have to come clean about something as crucial as “I don’t just want you in my life,  I want our offspring too”. “Prefer not to say” is like an ad being allowed to delete the fine print. It’s not fair.



Besides being unsportsmanlike, “prefer not to say” is also bad marketing. It casts too wide a net by trying to attract anyone, whether or not they want children, or whether or not they care if you have children. If you were paying for ads, you’d be losing money because you’d be attracting too many of the wrong customers. What you need to do instead is weed out potential love interests who don’t match this deal-breaking criterion. If you want kids and/or are a single parent, make it clear so that you attract like-minded people. If you don’t want a family, make it clear so that you attract other singles with similar wishes. By targeting your dating profile to the right kind of matches, you’re making better use of your online dating time.


This is yet another good reason to hire a professional ad writer (me) to write your online dating profile. Instead of attracting just anyone, I can help you attract the one.

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