Best Of The Web: Halloween Mayhem


halloween couple
Plus online dating racism and HPV.

Speaking of racist, our friend Julie Spira writes for the Huffington Post that the over 50 set really doesn't really stray from its own ethnicity when dating online. Ah yes, Graham Wellington.

And do you know what’s really scary? HPV. Per Asylum, men can receive the human papillomavirus from giving oral sex. What the what! Is the female orgasm going to take down an entire generation of young men?


Finally, Lemondrop asks if men like giving oral sex. I wonder if they let them know this info about cancerous throat warts before they ask?

Please have a great, fun and safe Halloween. Be careful about razorblades in your apples AND if you do go with a skimpy, man-catching costume bring a coat because it may be cold.

If you really want neeeeeed a sexy costume in a hurry, hit this link and choose the express delivery.

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