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Plus online dating racism and HPV.

OK. For some reason I am AMPED about Halloween this year and it has nothing to do with sexy fruit-pickers in skimpy overalls. Here we GO!

First off, the home office (YourTango) kills it with a list of 50 fantastic couples costumes: 50 Couples Halloween Costumes


BadOnlineDates wants you to know what guys REALLY think about sexy costumes. It largely depends on the man's sexuality and how attractive the lady is… theory? Are You Dressing Sexy This Halloween?

And the crew at Glo needs you to know what to think of a fellow based on his costume. If he goes as a regular guy or a college student, it probably means he is too cool for school.

But all is not lost if he's too cool for school, Em & Lo ( has advice on how to get him to be a buddy, be a pal and play ball. A writer you are immediately familiar with contributed, so give it a lookeroo. How Halloween Helped Our Relationship

Or you could crank of the sexy and say screw that old stick-in-the-mud. Betty Confidential has some cute gear that could get you noticed by a much more fun fella.

Maybe your Halloween will turn out really well and be the start of events that results in a beautiful family. But how do you tell your kids that you lured in their father with a barely-there nurse's uniform? MomLogic discusses telling your kids about sexy witches. Halloween Costumes: Fun For The Whole Family?

And some Halloween costumes are just in bad taste. The Frisky has 22 costumes that will definitely not get you laid. In college, two buddies went as a mammogram machine and a female sanitary device, respectively. Surprisingly, both got laid.

And to take the fun out of everything again, Gawker asks if your Halloween costume is racist. Black Face generally does not start many good relationships. Online Dating Red Flags

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