One Mom Gets Sick Of Being Sick And Tired


woman feeling sick
Must you simply carry on? Or will plowing through take you from sick to sick and tired?

And you want to smack him and you nearly do, and you want to be mad as hell and you are, and you want to say "Hey! Back off! I'm sick!" But instead you lie and say, "Oh yes. I took something."

You don't necessarily buy into the theory that men are not nurturing, and that they act like little toddlers when they are sick but expect the exact opposite of their wives. He's a good man, and will do almost anything he's asked. Are Men Domestically Challenged?


But then, that's it. The asking part.

When you're really sick and have given in to the couch and the Kleenex, and it's 6:30 p.m. and you don't even realize it's that late, and your husband walks in and sees that homework, dinner and even mail sorting is undone, all you really want to hear out of his mouth is, "Gee, honey, I'm sorry you still feel so rotten. You lay there and I'll take care of everything." 

And so, because you feel like crap, and because he's a convenient target, you snipe, "I took care of the laundry, took the kids to and from school and basketball, took care of my clients, and took myself to FoodTown, and then I decided to TAKE a nap." Then you throw a pillow at him and crank up the TV volume.

Just then, the kids come in the back door and you hear him say, "Hey guys. Mom's sick. Let her rest and the three of us will take care of everything." How I Learned To Lean On My Family

You feel like crap, then, and not just because you're sick. But then, that's the thing. You are sick. And all you really need is for someone, everyone, to notice.

Lisa Romeo writes, and tries to stay healthy, in New Jersey.