Quiz: Are You A Jackie Or A Marilyn?


jackie kennedy Dark haired woman with sunglasses and scarf
A quiz to see if you channel Jackie Kennedy or Marilyn Monroe, both in and out of bed.

Answers—    1) a—Black Jack Bouvier; 2) c—Marilyn Monroe; 3) a—Madonna—while she may have looked like MM in her youth, her MO is pure JKO; 4) a—Jackie; b—Jackie; c—Marilyn; 5) a—Marilyn; b—Marilyn; c—Jackie; 6) a—Marilyn; b—Jackie; c—Marilyn; 7) a—Jackie; b—Marilyn; c) either; 8) a—Marilyn; b—Jackie; c—Marilyn; 9) a—Jackie; b—Marilyn; c—neither; 10) a—either; b—Jackie; c—Jackie; 11) a—Marilyn; b—Marilyn; c—Jackie; 12) a—Jackie; b—Jackie; c—Marilyn; 13) a—Marilyn; b—Jackie; c—Marilyn (of course); 14) a—neither; b—either; c—Marilyn; 15) a—Jackie; b—Marilyn; c—Marilyn.

To Determine Scoring—Tally up your responses, giving yourself one "Jackie" point for each question you answered about her correctly and one "Marilyn" point for each correct Marilyn answer. Whichever score is highest corresponds to your predominant archetype. In case of a tie, you are either kidding yourself or are Uma Thurman.

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Reprinted from Are You A Jackie Or A Marilyn? Timeless Lessons On Love, Power And Style by Pamela Keogh, courtesy of Gotham Books.

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