Best Of The Web: Monogamy & Rom-Coms


Best Of The Web: Monogamy & Rom-Coms
Plus Halloween costumes and drug addiction.

Instead of carping about bed sexy time, you can do something about it. And that goes for basically everything in a relationship. Our Melanie Gorman explains to the Huffington Post explains how chronic complaining is submarining your relationship.

You know who's not complaining? Brett Favre's wife Deanna Favre. She's more into letting faith be her umbrella. Lemondrop would prefer she take a more active approach to fixing her relationship. Side note: Lets stop using the suffix "-gate" with any scandal. Could Apple Have Stopped Brett Favre's Sexting?


How could a woman, like the wife of a famous quarterback, know her dude is goofing around on the side? Well, Leftos has seven signs that he may be creepin'.


Want to prevent cheating? Maybe you could marry yourself. Jezebel has an angle on a woman who put a ring on it. I suppose that this is one of the unintended consequences of legalizing gay marriage. Kidding, der.

But even worse that wearing the tux and the gown at the same time is being duped into purchasing your own engagement ring. Yarg, indeed. The Frisky has a harsh story about the pitfalls of addiction and codependency.

Getting milked for heavy cash is decidedly unromantic. And maybe this whole darn world is getting too unromantic, dammit. Bad Online Dates wants to know what the heck happened to wooing and courtship.

Finally, our buddies at Glo want you to be ready for Halloween hookups. They want you to know what that dude's costume says about him. I'd say pale spot where his wedding ring should be probably means that he's married… or his character is married. 50 Couples Halloween Costumes

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