Best Of The Web: Monogamy & Rom-Coms


Best Of The Web: Monogamy & Rom-Coms
Plus Halloween costumes and drug addiction.

Everybody's working for the weekend and the weekend is a heck of an employer. Before you go put in your 48 hours, check out the best of the web on love and relationship because even we can't get to it all.

My pals Em & Lo have some reasons for you to keep it monogamous… ten of them (see the list). And then because fair is nothing without balance (right?), they have ten reasons to try non-monogamy (see that list). If you can't beat them, join them.



The lads over at Asylum lent some space to their resident chick, Emily McCombs, to discuss how ladies (at least one lady) feel about porn and watching it on a TV or computer. He Watches Porn—Is Your Relationship In Trouble?


Well, you mayn't like porn but most dudes don't like romantic comedies (unless it's Love Actually or features but does not star Jerry O'Connell). The resident dude at Crushable explains it all. Reclaiming Rom-Coms: 4 Reasons To Love Them

But there are a few good romantic funny films. Cupid's Pulse has a list of ones that you can watch over the weekend. No Phillippes, please.

And watching porn sometimes gives a guy a misunderstanding about how easy a lady can, you know, have an orgasm. Betty Confidential says you shouldn't fake it. My thoughts on this: Fake It Til You Make It, Ladies

There's hope, Guyism has tips on how to get a lady to have a good time regarding intimate touching. Ladies, now you have to enjoy these things too.


The kittens at College Candy discuss riding raw dog (having condomless sex). Finally, a gal admits it feels better bare. Is Condomless Sex The New Engagement Ring?

Sometimes the best laid plans of mice and men don't go as expected. LoveInTheDumps explains what a Sloppy Laydown is in regards to human sexuality AND in the publishing industry.

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