What We Love Most About Men


30 manly things we love.

  15. That he can pick you up
  16. Thick eyebrows
  17. That super sexy V at his pelvis
  18. Happy trails
  19. The innate ability to start a fire
  20. Stamina
  21. That he doesn’t know what moisturizer is, let alone use it
  22. His strong hands, even though they've never seen a manicure
  23. Going down for as long as it takes to get you off, which is hopefully not that long, if he's any good
  24. That he treats his mom with respect
  25. Graying temples
  26. Chivalrous moves, whether we "need" them or not, like offering his jacket, opening tight jars, and walking on street grating regardless of whether you're in heels
  27. The inexplicable, fierce and universal love of baseball (or football or videogames) compared to his seething hatred of tabloid magazines (or reality TV or Lady Gaga)
  28. Aftershave
  29. Bragging about your accomplishments, not his own
  30. Musky but subtle B.O. after he works out (or just mows the lawn)

Written by Amelia McDonell-Parry for The Frisky.

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