The extremity of being single

By YourTango

The extremity of being single

Another tip: Turkish men are not prone to discussing worldly issues with women – they are not considered an even partner for talking about politics, infrastructure, history, economics, business and whatever. At that time I worked as a reporter with a serious publication and was following events and processes and without much exaggeration or bragging, was more literate than him. Once we went out with his friends to a traditional Turkish place and all the time they were talking in Turkish (even when telling jokes). I was at the table for decoration – like a flower, who had to be watered, fed and caressed to grow beautiful and flawless, and obedient, above all. I wanted to dance, but my Oriental prince told me that I should wait for the belly-dancer to come to our table. He would tip her and I could made some moves with her. On doing so, Veysi’s friends were charmed and surprised that I was skilful in belly dancing and took me to the centre of the dance floor to join the other weaving women-guests of the restaurant. I guess that it was unacceptable because after it, my guy was stroppy with me the whole evening and next day.


To be completely fair, maybe I made a mistake at the very first night with Veysi. After the sex and the restaurant, when we were walking to the hotel, he asked me why I had come there. I got silent. How could I utter the scalding words: I am here hoping to fall in love with you, get married, have kids and live happily ever after. Of course that he would get scared. Therefore, I answered: ‘Well, it is an adventure, I like you, I have not had sex for half a year and it is high time I did something about it.’


Probably was the wrong answer, depicting me as a superficial woman and predefining his future attitude to me: leaving me every morning and coming back late from work to take me for dinner and for me to f**k him. Yes, I was the one who called the shots in sex... He was inexperienced and probably was not aware that women also enjoy sex because was shocked when I was screaming (not so loud, of course) when I was finishing. He thought that there was something wrong with me.

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