Lance Armstrong Is A Father Again!

Lance Armstrong Is A Father Again!

The cyclist's fiance gives birth to their second child.

Man, there must be something in the celebrity water, because the babies keep coming this week. Now Lance Armstrong has joined celebrity parents, Alicia Keys and Neil Patrick Harris in welcoming a new baby to the world. Neil Patrick Harris And David Burtka's Twins Born

And like NPH, the proud papa spread the good news via Twitter, tweeting, "Olivia Marie Armstrong has arrived!" Apparently sending a birth announcement through snail mail is so ten years ago for Hollywood's newbie parents. But super dad, Lance already has his one day old daughter on Twitter (he even created an  account for her months before she was born). No joke! And now Olivia Marie is already tweeting away: "I'm 'bout ready to get outta here!" she "tweeted" just hours after she was born. (Um, Lance don't be surprised if your daughter ends up in rehab for a serious Twitter addiction one day.)

But parenthood is nothing new for Lance, who welcomed a son, Max with his fiance and baby mama, Anna Hansen last year. In case you lost count, Olivia Marie is Armstrong's fourth child, since the cyclist already has three kids with his ex wife. Did we mention that this is also his third engagement (you may remember that Armstrong was previously engaged to Sheryl Crow and blamed her "biological clock" for their split)? Oh, and if Lance ends up walking down the aisle with Hansen, it'll be his second marriage. Perhaps now that his career is winding down, the Tour De France champ is hoping to set a record in a new category? Armstrong Blames Crow's Biological Clock For Split

But anyway…congrats to Lance and Anna! We're looking forward to following Olivia Marie as she tweets about her four other siblings and growing up with a super-athlete, cancer-surviving dad.

Photo via Splash News. 


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