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Sex Writer Goes On A Lubricant Binge


If you don't use lube, this sex writer helps you decide which one to try.

By now we've all seen the K-Y commercials featuring ordinary couples whose sex lives are sparked by the addition of personal lubricant into their boring bedroom routines. In the K-Y Intense commercials, a woman explains how "her moment" is enhanced by K-Y's female arousal gel. In the Yours + Mine commercials, married couples tell us how "his and hers" lubricants that are "thrilling for him, exciting for her" combine to form a sexual experience that leaves them spent and strewn across the bed.

As a sex writer, I've certainly brought stranger things into the bedroom, but when I saw these commercials I knew I just had to test out the K-Y products and see for myself if they were truly mind-blowing.

Since we'll be talking about my Virginia here in a second, I don't think it's TMI for me to tell you that my husband and I already have sex that's frequent and fulfilling. So my objective here was not to see if these products would solve any problems. Rather, I was mainly curious to see if there was truth in advertising and if I might be missing out on even higher highs then the ones I currently experience.

K-Y Yours + Mine is available at drug, food and mass retailers for $19.99. K-Y Intense is also available nationwide and retails for $24.99.

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Written by Ronnie Koenig for AOL Health

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