5 Ways to Deal When Your Ex Sits at the Next Desk


5 Ways to Deal When Your Ex Sits at the Next Desk

By Morgan Vines, BounceBack.com Editorial Staff

Ask anyone and they’ll probably tell you that it’s never a good idea to date a coworker. The intimate details of how you like to prance around in your girl’s thong or want your man to spank you can get gushed around the water cooler. And that’s if you’re lucky enough to make it work.


Then there’s the inevitable disaster of a messy breakup. It tends to turn adults into children who will stoop low enough to get revenge that your career could end up on the latest endangered species list.

But who wants to worry about all that when the cute guy you bump into at the copy machine hits you up for drinks after work? And where else are you supposed to meet women when you spend eight to twelve hours a day in the office?

So undoubtedly, at one point or another, you will end up here…sharing a stapler with your ex. But it doesn’t have to get as unbearable as struggling through that stack of TP reports with a “weekend came a little early” hangover.

If it’s not meant to end in a choreographed dance down the aisle, try these 5 tips to make it through the nine to five grind:

1. Dive head first into payroll
The quickest way to ensure recovery from a relationship breakup is to keep your mind busy doing something else. Not only will it keep your thoughts off your ex, but it will make the time that you have to be in the same room with her pass by faster. You never know, your breakup may lead to your promotion. Throwing in extra hours and going over the top with a killer presentation will only make you look good. And if your romance shed some sticky details around the conference room, you might need that boost in your performance to save your professional reputation.

2. Don’t badmouth your ex around the office
Save it for your happy hour cohorts. This unprofessional gossip will only make you look bad and make an awkward situation more uncomfortable. Don’t discuss the relationship at all, even if you trust your co-workers. It’s none of their business and people will always tell “just one person”. You don’t want rumors blown out of proportion and spread to your boss so that she thinks you’re too immature to handle that project you’ve been slaving over for the past six months.

3. Take a few days off
After any relationship breakup it’s crucial to get away for a few days to sort out your feelings and reconnect with what you really want as an individual. When you’re forced to see that person every day, it’s even more important to take some time off and remove yourself from the situation. You may be worried about looking weak and having your ex think that you’re too hurt to bear to face him. In reality, you’re acting as the adult by avoiding a potentially volatile situation.

4. Be patient with yourself

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