The Problem With Faking an Orgasm


The Problem With Faking an Orgasm

      Lila here~ I just read about another sex survey
recently conducted by
Indiana University.  In the
study, 85% of men reported that their partner had climaxed the last time they
had sex.  However, only 64% of women
surveyed said they had reached orgasm the last time they had sex.  That’s a pretty big gap between the men’s
perception and the women’s reality if you ask me.

     Why would someone lie about having an
orgasm?  Although women are the biggest
culprits, men lie about it too (although it’s a little harder *no pun intended*
for men to get away with the lie).


  1. They’re afraid of
    hurting their partner’s feelings
  2. The woman might
    want to make the man feel better about his performance
  3. They feel
    uncomfortable giving honest feedback
  4. They feel awkward
    communicating about such an intimate subject
  5. They’re tired and
    just want to go to sleep


     As you may have noticed, all of the
reasons listed come down to one thing: 
communication.  Our society is so
performance driven that an inordinate amount of pressure is put on men and
women to climax:  not too soon, not too
long, more than once at a time.  You name
it, there’s somebody who feels pressured about their sexual performance, and
specifically their orgasms. 

     When my partner and I first got together,
I faked an orgasm one time.  I know,
shocking, isn’t it?  Well, I was young
and stupid, and I had bought into the idea that if a woman doesn’t climax, it
meant the sex wasn’t good.  I really
liked this guy and didn’t want to hurt his feelings.  He was (and still is) great in bed, but it
was just one of those nights that I wasn’t going to come. 

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