Courteney Cox & David Arquette: It's Over


Courteney Cox David Arquette
After 11 years, the couple is calling it quits on their marriage.

"Courteney's Cougar Town dressing room. The girl's got style," he wrote. (Doesn't really seem like the thoughts of an soon-to-be ex-husband, does it?)

"There was no indication anything was going on. This news today, it's very sad," said an on-set eyewitness to People Magazine.


"They we're perfectly professional, though not particularly cuddly," said another source. "[They] just talked to friends on set. None of them knew about the split until just now."

Ah, well. We're sure that Courteney's BFF Jennifer Aniston will have a lot of advice and an ample supply of margarita mix to help her get through this. Although, in a bit of odd timing, their other Friend, David Schwimmer, might not be so empathetic. According to, Courteney's former on-screen brother secretly married his longtime girlfriend Zoe Buckman last June, although they waited to announce it until now.

Maybe David Schwimmer wanted to distract people's attention away from Courteney's bad news by announcing some good news of his own? What a brotherly thing to do!

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