Spell check your hating profiles.


Spell check your hating profiles.

I’ve been known to forget many things. In fact, my sister is convinced that I’ve had ridiculously early Alzheimer’s since I was six years old when I forgot to turn off the bath water and it ended up flooding her bedroom. 



Nevertheless, despite my memory lapses, there are just some things you never forget. For instance, I never seem to forget the words to Delta Dawn (what’s that flower you have on, could it be a faded rose…) I also can’t forget the lyrics to I Never Promised You A Rose Garden (along with sunshine, there’s got to be a little rain sometime)…what is it about country music? And, by the way “got to be” is not good grammar – “has to be” is better.


Other things I don’t forget are to feed my pet; do a self-breast exam; and watch Family Guy. 


One memory that will never perish dates back to my early years in advertising when I didn’t proofread a restaurant ad that I had written. As such, the ad went to print with the word dinning, whatever that is, instead of dining. This mistake I’ve never forgotten. 


The point of my story? Spell check, spell check, spell check. Trust me, that tool is more important than character count for tweeters. 


Here are some sentences that I found on dating profiles when I scanned a few dating sites today. Some are hilarious. All are a good reminder to use spell check.


1) Send me a massage.

(Through email? Really?)


2) It doesn’t get better then this.

(Actually it does. Use “than” and your grammar will improve significantly)


3) Looking for a god man.

(Aren’t we all!)


4) I’m runny and will make you laugh.

(You already have, thanks.)

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