How To Balance Family Time And Couple Time


family eating dinner
Tips for making dinner a true family experience.
  • Did you hear about X (some current event)? This usually leads to a discussion—involving everyone—about what happened, what we think about it and what it means.
  • Tell your sister about X. I like to encourage conversation between my kids at the table, and so I prompt them to tell each other things of interest from their lives. This gets my husband and I involved in whatever the topic is, too, and we end up in a shared family conversation.
  • I talked to so-and-so today and she told me X. Talking about news from family or friends is something everyone is interested in.
  • What happened with X at school today? I can usually remember something that was supposed to happen at school—a test, club meeting, sports practice or class party. Asking about it not only draws the kids out, but also gives us something to talk about together.
  • Did you watch X? TV is always a good topic, as we have diverse tastes, and someone has always seen something interesting lately.

Keeping the dinner table conversation flowing and family-centered lets dinner be a time to relax and enjoy each other. Eat, Argue, Pray At Times, Feel The Love, Repeat.

How do you keep the conversation flowing? And how do you balance family time with couple time?

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