Phase 5: The End

Phase 5: The End

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Phase 5: The End (for now)
After all these phases I would say my current one involves much less drama. After meeting Richard for the first time we became even better friends, though I always got a bit jealous when he told me about his sexual adventures. I didn't blame him, I was having my own adventures, and finding myself as a lady. Besides he is my best friend, I could never hate him. 
Our second meeting happened this year, around easter, this time I went over to his country. Around this time we decided, that we were going to be each other's and no one else's. We were a couple from that point. Even though I had both promised myself I'd never date someone "over 3 years older" or never again "date someone I couldn't meet on a regular bases". And I know I got my flaws, I still can't see how he'd stay with a girl like me. 
The last time I saw him was 2 months ago. Every time we say goodbye, it's harder for me to be without him. I get pretty lonely in the night, but that's all worth it. We're both trying to finish sorting our lives so we can move in together as soon as possible, and we have some difficulties and problems. But we never expected it to be easy. We've had a good friendship for 6 years, and now I've allowed myself to fall for him. I am not sure where it happened, but our relationship has grown stronger ever since, and though for now he's just a text on some screen I know that in the not so distant future I'll be able to wake up in his arms, every day. For as I hope, the rest of my life.

(This might be changed in the future, the information will not change, but I might re-arrange the words, so they make more sense. My first language is after all Icelandic, not English)


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