Ben Harper Dumps Laura Dern

Ben Harper Dumps Laura Dern

After five years of marriage, Ben calls it quits.

Poor Laura Dern! First, Billy Bob Thorton blindsides her by running off with Angelina Jolie, and now it seems she's been unexpectedly dumped by her rocker husband, Ben Harper just a few months shy of their five year anniversary. Totally sad, right? Angelina Has Steamy Phone Sex With Billy Bob

Harper was the one who filed the divorce papers, citing irreconcilable differences, and requesting that Dern not get any of his dough (as in no spousal support). Ouch! Hmm..sounds like too-cool-for-school Harper wants to completely wipe his hands clean of Dern. Could she have pulled a Billy Bob and cheated on Ben? Or could Harper be ready to move on to greener pastures?

Well, according to Harper (via the divorce papers), the couple has been separated for nearly a year now. But sources told TMZ that Dern and Harper, who have two kids together, lived and traveled together throughout 2010 and "were even intimate as recently as last week."

Looks like there could be a he said/she said scandal brewing here. Is it wrong that we're kinda dying to find out what's really going on here? After all, this is the second time Laura's been completely caught off guard by a split (communication issues much?).

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