Why the World is a Global Enslavement Machine


Why the World is a Global Enslavement Machine

So, the two big areas of life - employment and marriage - are in
reality forms of binding enslavement in which you give up your life and
freedom over to others.
But you are made to WANT and NEED
them. You are made to WANT a job that ties you to one geographic
location and puts your schedule under control of a managerial entity,
which no sane awakened person would want. And you are also made to WANT
to unnaturally tie yourself to another person for life until you die,
never loving any other, regardless of what may happen, even though such a
promise is totally unrealistic. And you are programmed to define all
that as "freedom and the American dream".

An awakened person realizes the folly of all this, sees that what
everyone wants (like the will of a hive mind) makes no sense, and
realizes that all of this is the total antithesis of what it means to be
free. But an unawakened person believes the illusion and wants what
they are programmed to want. To them, if society says so and everyone
else is doing it, it must be good, normal and natural. Only the awakened
person realizes it's all a con full of lies, mind control, illusion,
voluntary slavery and the giving up of one's life and freedom.


True freedom means that you can do whatever you want (for the
most part at least) as long as you don't harm others, without the
control and interference of others.
But the commitment of
employment and marriage take that away. There is no doubt about that.
But we are NOT conditioned to want true freedom. Instead, we are
conditioned to WANT enslavement by giving up control of our life, time
and daily schedule to others. Yet we are TOLD that we have freedom in
America and that "freedom is what makes America great" when in reality
we do NOT have true freedom. It's a total lie that makes no sense and
contradicts reality.

Think about it. Most Americans who are enslaved by employment and bound
by marriage do NOT have true freedom because for the most part, since
they CANNOT do whatever they want everyday without control and
interference from others. In childhood, their life is controlled by
their school system in the day and their parents at night. Then in
adulthood, their life is controlled by their bosses, managers and
spouses. Yet they BELIEVE that they have freedom. Why? Because they are
TOLD that they do! They are told that since no one named Adolf Hitler
runs their government, that they can go to the voting booth, and that
they have 20 flavors of bagels to choose from, etc. that they have
freedom, even though their lives are controlled by others and they
cannot do whatever they want everyday! It's an insane hypocrisy and
bizarro world. Yet most don't see it cause the system programs their
minds not to see it but to see the opposite by redefining everything and
turning people into "happy slaves" who do not want true freedom.

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