Why the World is a Global Enslavement Machine


Why the World is a Global Enslavement Machine

Moreover, the system uses a barrage of methods to keep us in an
internal state of fear and insecurity that causes us to crave structure
and routine, due to our psychological insecurities, which enslavement to
the system provides of course.
Thus we are raised to want to be "tied down" to something (e.g. a job, house, marriage,
single geographic location) on a long term basis. This is why most
people do not seek adventure, new experiences or true freedom of
expression, and only a minority do.

One major outlet that the system uses to keep us in this internal state
is the media of course, which constantly feeds us stories of terror,
tragedy and crises. Their excuse is that "bad news sells" but that is
just a cover. You are never told the real reason for the rampant
fearmongering. Society also convinces you that being in a state of fear
and paranoia is good for your protection. But in reality, the majority
of our fears are baseless, unfounded or greatly exaggerated. (e.g.
terrorists everywhere, psycho killers everywhere, swine flu scares,


Another major method the system uses is the other people around us, who are trained to keep us in line
and in a state of conformity. This is effective because given a choice
between the truth vs. conformity to the group, most will choose the
latter even if it means parroting a lie they know to be untrue. And of
course, our internal state of fear and weakness make it much more likely
that we will conform as well. Thus, each of these controls are designed
to reinforce each other.

Conformity is the fallacious belief that the views of the majority must
always be right and the minority or dissenters always wrong. Therefore,
it assumes one should adopt the beliefs of the majority in order to be
"right". It is a mindless characteristic that most adopt and are
conditioned to live by. However, many of the greatest thinkers, writers
and intellectuals of the world have seen through the madness of such a
belief. See here for a list of their quotations.

Additionally, society is set up with all sorts of stress, anxiety
and worry to keep you in a constant state of "survival mode", which
reinforces your fear state. And of course, money itself, which enslaves
the world for obvious reasons and is totally artificial, is the
lifeblood of the global enslavement system. There is no question that we
are all slaves to money. But as conspiracy lecturer Alex Collier asks
in his lectures, "Why do I have to 'pay' to be in a world I was born

David Icke, a popular conspiracy researcher and author, came to the same
conclusion. In his book "Human Race Get Off Your Knees: The Lion Sleeps
No More" he writes "the truth - that the world is a global enslavement
machine and reality suppressor".

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