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So Confused!!


How do men down-shift from friends to more than friends to friends?
I am currently divorced and have been for 4 years. I became friends with a man. He is 50 and I am 35.  I always believed that if I was in another relationship, I would choose a man that was older than me.  We have been friends for about 3 years.  A year and a half ago we began to spend a good amount of time together and our relationship became more affectionate.  We were never intimate. We would talk and text daily, we still do.  He has become very important to me and I feel as though I have been more open with him that anyone. I have been open about my past and he has been very supportive of me and any bumps in the daily road of life. Now he has become friends with another female and our relationship has become more of a friendship.  I feel as though I have been put on a back burner and am fighting for his attention.  He acts as though he doesn't miss me and has moved on.  We still talk and text, we don't see eachother as often as we used to. In the meantime, I am crushed.  Seriously, how do men do this?  I don't want to assume that men are heartless, I just see my friend as being numb.  I know he cared about me but I don't see how I could be so easily replaced.  I can't and don't want a replacement.  I put in so much effort into this friendship. I trusted it and relied on it and now I feel as though I'm losing it. It's not fair. I wish I understood and didn't feel so strongly about him! I wish I wasn't jealous and could be supportive of his new friendship. I want to be his friend but am strugling with my feelings for him.  Again, how do men do this? Do women do this as well?  How do I care without feeling?


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