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Plus changing your man and getting walked in on.

And another reason they hate us is our humor. The Plunge has a breakdown of who should be giving a toast during a rehearsal dinner and how the guy wearing suspenders thinks he's Jackie Gleason. How To Give A Great Wedding Speech

Toasts often include embarrassing stories and everyone knows what the most embarrassing story is: the old walk-in (on). Mom Logic has a tumescence-shattering tale of a daughter walking in on "mommy and daddy hugging."


Ruh-roh, anti-turgid moments aren't the only thing to worry about in the Sister Wives house. Betty Confidential says a five-year trip to the pokey is a possible punishment for polygamy.

And if one lady can't change a man, maybe four could. Either way, Mary Montero sounds off on the Huff Po about changing a partner. I know that Marge Simpson says (paraphrasing), 'lots of women will tell you can't change a man… and those women are quitters.' Enjoy.

Have fun celebrating an Italian guy sailing a bunch of Spanish ships to the Dominican Republic this weekend.

*Note: The Heisman trophy involves a football player extending his arm in a move known as a "stiff-arm," which is intended to fend off would-be tacklers.

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