Best Of The Web: The Herp & Facebook


Plus changing your man and getting walked in on.

Oooooh doctor, it's Columbus Day weekend, gang, and that means fall is officially in full sprawl (except for all of the green leaves and swimming weather in southern climes). Let's get it on.

From the home office, nine classic dates for the autumn… bring the cider and the flannel. 9 Classic Fall Dates To Try This Weekend


My pals Em & Lo ( has a bit of hopeful/scary advice from Dr. Vanessa. This time around: what to do when your girlfriend has the herp and you don't want to get the herp from her or give her the Heisman.

Speaking of stiff-arms*, Leftos has a hilarious treatise on the scourge that is dance floor erections. Give it a read before you say, "that's assault, homey."

And now to a place you would assume may talk about NEBs (non-essential boners): Men's Health has the results of a great survey about the intersection of Facebook and sex. It turns out most Facebook users think that infidelity STARTED with Facebook…

And the people who started Facebook, collegians. Our buds at College Candy do not care for a study from study in Hungary one bit. The study suggests that people end up with spouses who resemble their opposite gender parents on the regular. I just like the segment is called Duke It Out, because…

I'm sure you've heard all you care to hear about a recent Duke grad's Power Point presentation. Jezebel has it largely unedited.

And Lemondrop has some very thoughtful issues with the presentation. My beef is that the thing loses steam at the midway point. A decent presentation would have included video or some sort of palate cleanser. The key to a good presentation is to keep the audience rapt and eventually even I get bored by details of girth and premature ejaculation.

And the dudes at Asylum have more news from college. Evidently the big ole Indiana University sex survey says that anal and oral are getting more commonplace. Also, it turns out, the internet is getting mighty popular.

But there are still nine things that dudes don't want you to do in bed and The Frisky has eight of them. Have a gander at the list and know that reason #5 is one of the reasons the terrorists think we're weak.

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