Redefine Your Living Space


By Monique Zamir, BounceBack Editorial Staff

You’re newly divorced, or your partner has recently moved out, and now you can’t even make a sandwich without thinking about them and descending into a oppressive, brooding and self-reflective state of mind because you’re using the knife set that they bought for you. Meanwhile, the bread you just toasted is already too hard, and you’ve lost your appetite.



Never fear! There are things that you can do to redefine your place after a significant other moves out:


Bring Out Your Inner Interior Decorator

Don’t hesitate to redesign your home. And don’t be afraid to try some crazy ideas either. Now that it’s just you, there’s no one holding you back from trying some off-beat living arrangement. Always been intrigued by feng shui? Go for it; maybe the positive energy flows will help fuel your emotional recovery.


Confront Your Memories

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