Should you rationalize cheating?

Should you rationalize cheating?

People always find ways to rationalize cheating. Whether it’s that they
were in a fight, long distance relationship, they had it done to them
first, or the most common “we were going to break up anyway.” I don’t
know about you guys but I don’t get into relationships that I know are
going to fail because if I did I would be wasting my time and money. So
to say that you knew you were going to break up anyway is something that
I don’t but because if you thought that you were going to break up with
someone you wouldn’t date them. Its that simple. When you’re thinking about cheating or having an affair you know that you are bound to feel guilty about what you’re doing and you may or may not be able to live what that guilt after the affair.
If you know you wont be able to and continue to do it you’re going to
break up with the person, not because you were going to break up with
them beforehand but because you feel guilty for your actions. If you’re
the type of person to cheat and not feel bad then you have nothing to
rationalize because you simply don’t care and don’t let it affect your
relationship. At the end of the day cheating is cheating, despite what
you tell yourself to get through the night.
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